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Larry Steed Retired Air Force Pilot

“My name is Larry Steed. I am a resident of Kaysville Utah. The roof of my home and the roof of many of my neighbor’s home was damaged by a rather severe hail storm a few months ago.

Mr. Cook arrived at my house to examine my roof. He confirmed that my roof had indeed been damaged by the storm. I informed Mr. Cook that I had a home owner’s policy. He suggested I contact my insurance company as they would also need to send a policy adjuster to my home to verify the damage.

When the insurance company’s adjuster arrived to make his inspection, Mr. Cook also showed up at my house and went up onto my roof with the adjuster. I was so impressed with Mr. Cook’s professionalism that I committed to have his company install a new roof on my home. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made.

During the paper work shuffle with the insurance company, Mr. Cook was at my side helping with this process. The best part of this experience came on the day his team arrived to perform the work. They were on time, brought all the equipment needed for the task, and totally removed my damaged roof and installed the new roof. It was amazing to watch their work. 

First, they covered all my shrubs with protective tarpaulins to insure they were not damaged. They brought a huge trailer to carry off the old roofing material and started to work. The workers were courteous and real pros. The one thing I did not see was anyone just standing around. Periodically, Mr. Cook showed up to check on the job and answer all my questions. 

As the task was coming to an end, I noticed that one of the workers was spray painting various vent pipes and other equipment that was installed on my roof with a color that matched the color of my new roofing tiles. Another example of the professionalism of this team and their company. I highly recommend that anyone needing roof repair consider using Roof Vets for the job. I am completely satisfied with the work they did on my home.”


Steve Bartholomew

"We replaced our roof because of the severe hail damage from the storm last August and it was completely covered under insurance. If you wonder if your roof has any damage, call Roof Vets and they'll come out and inspect your roof for free. 

A few reasons why I recommend Roof Vets is that they are Veteran owned, they work hand in hand with the insurance company, they do excellent work, they use top quality shingles which are designed to withstand winds up to 130 mph, and they only took a day and a half to replace our whole roof.  Moises is really great to work with."